Man suffering from Necrotizing fasciitis lucky to be still alive – Dr Modungwa

A 70- year- old Ramotse man in Hammanskraal has been suffering from flesh eating bacteria also known Necrotizing fasciitis, a serious bacterial infection that destroys tissue under the skin since 2017.

People can get necrotizing fasciitis when bacteria enter a wound, such as from an insect bite, a burn, or a cut.

According to medical records, Necrotizing means causing the death of tissues. Fasciitis means inflammation of the fascia (the tissue under the skin that surrounds muscles, nerves, fat, and blood vessels). The infection often spreads very quickly. The flesh-eating disease occurs when bacteria enter the body through a break in the skin. People with a weakened immune system can be at greater risk of developing this condition.

People can get necrotizing fasciitis when bacteria enter a wound, such as from an insect bite, a burn, or a cut. You can also get it in: Wounds that come in contact with ocean water, raw saltwater fish, or raw oysters, including injuries from handling sea animals such as crabs.

The man who did not want to be named for personal reasons, said that the illness emanated from a small injury he got from his bicycle as he was getting off it. He said he doesn’t know what could’ve went wrong in his life having lived a healthy lifestyle almost all his life.

He said that the injury from the paddle was so minor that he wiped off the blood with his hand and paid no attention to it as it was not painful. “As I got home my wife asked me what happened I said nothing serious and asked her to give me cloth to wrap the wound. I slept thinking tomorrow I’ll go find an aloe to apply on the wound.”
He added; “I was shocked to wake up the following day to find pus on the wound already”.

He said that the wound only started to be painful few weeks later and it got worse and produce a smell during his hospital visits. He also said that he would see maggots that would eat the flesh if he covers the wound. “I tried all the western medication but things started to get better when I visited a traditional healer.”

The man said that he believes this could be witchcraft because the wound had even started to spread to his left hand.
Medical practitioner, Dr Jeanette Modungwa, said that she was shocked that the man was still alive with such an infection as it looks chronic. “With such an advanced infection amputation would be a best resorts because when left like that it can spread to other parts of the body hence it’s spreading to the other leg “.
Modungwa also said that clots can travel to lungs and kill man. “Traditional herbs actually have strong antibiotics, hence he is still alive”.

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