Street vendor attracts customers with colourful dress code

A 41 year old man stands for hours in the blazing Tshwane sun and sells mango atchar. The fascinating thing about him though, is not the atchar but how he dresses. “Standing in this hot sun is a calling, people get healed just by seeing me dressed like this and selling atchar. I sell this atchar because God placed me here”, he says.

A colourfully dressed man attracts customers

All kinds of land transportation pass by the busy Molefe Makinta Road, that stretches between Hammanskraal and Soshanguve, where bells and greetings can be heard, as the man, who goes by the name of the merchandise he sells, ‘Monate Atchar, is hailed.
Monate Atchar says he started his business four years ago because of the passion he has for people. He has a wide range of customers with 99% of them being females who stop their cars and buy atchar on a daily basis.
He adds that his love for people causes him to be on that road every day, no matter how hot it is. “During the week I start at 2 pm, I work at 2 pm so I can help school children in the area cross the busy intersection in Soshanguve Block T”. He stands there until 6pm, while on weekends he spends the whole day on the street.
Monate Atchar, popularly known for dressing well, added that the way he dresses is a representation of his business. “You cannot paint a crèche black and expect parents to bring their children to such a place. The same with me, my dress code is for inspiration to other business and young people”.
The business man said he buys the mango atchar and mixes it himself, he added that he has taught other people how to mix it too. Monate Atchar has plans for his business, he added that overtime he wants to have a variety of flavours to cater for everyone.
“I currently have 2 flavours mild and hot, both in garlic. I want to have atchar that will be eaten by everyone even people with chronic diseases, this one will be extra virgin atchar “, said Monate Atchar
Moreover, Monate Atchar said that in the past, rumours spread that he was a criminal, he boasts that these kinds of rumours brought in more people for him and elevated him in business. The business man also mentors young people in his community and aims to expand his brand.

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