Free health screenings for local residents

The city of Tshwane with its primary Health Care workers set up mobile clinics at Batho Plaza in Soshanguve to share awareness on Covid-19, diabetes and blood pressure. The mobile clinics were used for screening, testing and counselling for Covid-19 and other health related issues.

City of Tshwane Primary Health Care workers screening residents at Batho Plaza in Soshanguve..

Ms Pauline Matshego, a professional nurse and site supervisor, said the initiative was to raise awareness on Covid-19 and to encourage residents to test for Covid-19, diabetes and high blood pressure.
Two ladies who work at the plaza spoke on anonymity on their experiences with testing. They said they decided to test for Covid-19 because of the alarming number of people who are dying from the virus, and added that this was to make sure they were not infected.

Residents screened for free in Soshanguve.

Matshego said that those who decide to test for Covid-19 can expect to get their results between 24 hours to 7 days, she added that any other health related issues they pick up from residents during screening and testing, they would be referred to the nearest clinics for further testing.
The mobile clinics have been set up on different days around the city of Tshwane Municipality with the aim to reach as many people as possible. The services are free and residents are urged to go to the testing stations whenever these services are available in their areas.
Residents have been encouraged to observe the Covid-19 protocols as the virus is still active.

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