Young people passionate about saving lives through HIV/AIDS, TB prevention

Education on taking care of oneself and those are around them tends to be scarce and is usually a topic many shy away from. Two young people from Ga-Rankuwa, Kgaugelo Letube (25) and Lindiwe Manganyi (25), decided to define the odds.

HIV/AIDS and TB prevention awareness campaign.

Letube and Manganyi both volunteers at the Ga-Rankuwa YMCA’s HIV/AIDS, TB as Ambassadors. The HIV/AIDS and TB prevention awareness campaign was held at the Ga-Rankuwa YMCA. Health practionors made presentations on taking care of oneself and members of the community.
Letube says she is part of this programme because of the love she has for people, she is passionate about people, their health and seeing them healthy and happy. “I had a choice between engineering which I know has more money and this course, I chose this course instead because of the fulfilment it brings me”, said Letube.
The two ladies are part of a 6 months programme which will see them qualified to assist community members with any health related questions. They say the awareness campaign was aimed at concertising the youth on HIV/AIDS, TB and prevention. And most importantly on how to get closure should one be diagnosed with any of the ailments.
One of the young people who attended the awareness campaign, 23 year-old Boitumelo Huma, told Sosh Times, she joined HTS because of the level of ignorance she had observed among young people. “I am unemployed, so I decided to come and volunteer here, also this programme will help me shift my focus and raise awareness on how to take better care of myself and those around me”.

Under the HTS course young people work with Y-Covid Response Team, doctors counsellors and pastors.
Another young person in attendance was 19 year-old Busisiwe Manganyi who says she is happy she decided to attend because she learned a lot on TB and Covid-19. “I learned that one could have both TB and Covid-19. The nurses explained that because Covid is more deadly they treat it first and then they deal with TB after, the information I got today is something I didn’t know before hand and I will use it to help other people out there”.

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