State capture took place under the watch of the ANC

President Cyril Ramaphosa told the State Capture Commission that State capture took place under the watch of the African National Congress. He further said; “It involved some members and leaders of our organisation and it found fertile ground in the divisions, weaknesses and tendencies that have developed in our organisation since 1994”.

President Ramaphosa admits State capture happened under the watch of the ANC.

He maintained that the party also admits that it made mistakes as it sought to execute the mandate it was given by the voters. The President added; “We all acknowledge that the organisation could and should have done more to prevent the abuse of power and the misappropriation of resources that defined the era of state capture”.
The President unambiguously assured the inquiry that the ANC does not support members who commit corruption and they will not be protected by the party. “Such members must face the full legal consequences of their actions. They cannot rely on the ANC for support or protection, nor may they appeal to the principle of collective responsibility,” he added.
“We acknowledge to the people of South Africa that we did not always live up to the values and principles that have defined the movement for over more than a century of its existence. We are determined and we undertake to work alongside all South Africans to ensure that the era of state capture is relegated to history and that the excesses that took place may never again occur in our country,” he said.

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