Reitgat SAPS celebrates Youth Day with community members

In their blue uniform, and not in pursuit of criminals, members of the Reitgat SAPS, together with nine local stakeholders, commemorated Youth Day at the Block JJ Clinic in Soshanguve. The day was celebrated under the theme “The year of Charlotte Mannya Maxeke: Growing youth employment for an inclusive and transformed society”.
Various stakeholders, members of the SAPS and the Community Policing Forum distributed more than 2000 pamphlets. Different speakers said they acknowledged the many challenges faced by young people.

SAPS driving the message, and acknowledging the challenges faced by the youth.

The SAPS further urged young people to avoid criminal activities including doing drugs. Speaking on behalf of the station, Sergeant Shabangu encouraged the youth to stay in school and urged them to look up to the youth of 1976 in their stance when they revolted against the apartheid system.
Resident, Katlego Selokela (28), expressed gratitude for being more enlightened, especially on aspects such as gender-based violence, domestic violence, substance abuse and practicing safer sex. “I wish such events could happen monthly because we need them in our communities”, he added.
Reitgat police station took an oath to be involved in any events that seeks to see the upliftment of young people within its policing precinct and also to discourage the community from criminal activities.

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