Where do these clowns come from?

The South African political landscape has been turned into a big circus with hordes of clowns seemingly inspired by what has become a phenomenal norm, dipolotiki di a jesa, loosely translated, politics will make you rich.
This is evidenced by a large number of new, and some obscured, political parties that fielded candidates in the 2020 Local Government elections as well as unknown independents. However, independent candidates countrywide have garnered 450,000 of the votes, putting it in the fifth position nationally.

What now post the Local Government Elections?

However, some of the independent candidates, and leaders of little-known parties, are dubious characters. Some are clergies of small independent churches who hung on the support of their self-effacing congregants. Both these entities just popped up from nowhere and besieged the streets’ lamp posts with banners.

Who funded these little, or unkown parties?

Little known or unknown, these parties did not bother to sell their roadmaps (manifestos) to the public and therefore it boggles the mind who funded their registration with the Independent Electoral Commission as prescribed by the legislation. Some do not have an iota of political track records
Newcomers on the political scene have become ‘party spoilers’, who, as Julius ‘Hitler Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters said his party will eat the elephant in the room in small pieces until this big animal is no more. The new kids on the block eat small but significant pieces from the ‘big parties’ such as the African National Congress and the Democratic Alliance. Hence these two parties
The belief held by many people that politics is a money-making scheme, especially at the local government level, is hard to contradict as baseless. It has become a pattern, ward councilors being the main culprits of this phenomenon, as soon as they ascend the seat of power, they desert the people who voted for them, scuttle out of their township residence to live in affluent areas.

When was the party started?

In these areas, there is no need for the migrated ward councillors to be disquieted because people governing these areas did not join political parties because they are cash cows, they had the vision to serve their constituencies. This is what leadership is all about, compassion for the people you are supposed to serve.

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