When the bell tolls on the 100th day

When the bell tolls on the 100th day into office – Premier of the North West, Kaobitsa Bushy Maape – will be expecting the newly elected councils to have sped up service delivery in all municipalities under his administration. These include garbage collection, patching, and resealing of roads as well provision of water.
At least, this was Maape’s expectation when he addressed the North West Provincial Coordinating Council (NWPCC) held at Orkney in the Matlosana Local Municipality. The NWPCC is a structure chaired by Premier and is amongst others attended by Members of the Executive Council, Mayors of both Local and District Municipalities, Municipal Managers as well as CEOs of State-Owned Entities.

What’s new for NW Premier on the 100th day in the office?

The provincial Head warned that the first hundred (100) days will be critical as the province forges ahead with the Accelerated Service Delivery Plan recently launched by the government.
The initiative seeks to reposition the province as an ideal destination for investment, with a sharp focus on local government to improve the administrative efficiency and financial accountability of municipalities.
“Municipalities”, he said, “are strategically positioned to address several challenges impeding on our development as a province. But we need to get the basics right, such as improving on the roll-out of infrastructure, provision of services, and creation of jobs. The full implementation of the District Development Model must find us ready particularly on the question of building investor confidence so that we can create jobs and business opportunities for emerging enterprises”.

Maape maintained that the government was committed to working with businesses and other key stakeholders to find solutions to socio-economic challenges gripping municipalities.
“We recently met with the North West Chamber of Commerce and Industry and we have been crisscrossing the province meeting with business leaders to guarantee them of our support but critically to address a lot of concerns raised by them. The role of government is to create a tangible environment for businesses to thrive. We need to preserve the jobs we have in the province while looking at other avenues on how we can attract investment”, he said.
Maape said the provincial government was working hand in glove with the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, National Treasury, and South African Local Government Association to seek new and innovative approaches to support municipalities.

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