Military Veterans call government to fast-track housing project

Michael Moses Tshose, (68) a former member of the South Africa National Defence Force and currently a member of the South African National Military Veterans Association is one of the over nighty members, that will benefit from the military veterans housing programme. Tshose who stays in Lethabong outside Rustenburg said he remains hopeful as he has long been waiting for the government to build him a house.
Having served in the military for 22 years, Tshose is one of the members who were integrated from the former South African Defence Force to the new South Africa National Defence Force. He says the transition was not easy, but however, changed for the better. He said that he might have not held a high position but the change was good. Not only for him but for the country in general as he explained.

South Africa has over 80 000 military veterans.

“I’m humbled by the fact that government knows what we went through. It’s through government like ours that takes care of those who dedicated their lives to protect and ensure the safety of the country, are cared for. I have been staying in a small two-roomed house with my family for a long time. Now that the government is building a house for me and my family I’m pleased and happy that I will leave a lasting legacy for my great-grandchildren,” said Tshose.
According to the Deputy Director in the Human Settlements Department, Orapeleng Tabile, the qualifying criteria for beneficiaries which were provided by the military veterans regulations stipulate that military veterans merited housing, if they were on the Department of Military Veterans database and if they fell under the act that was formulated for the provision of housing to military veterans. Tabile said that the members must be unemployed and if they were working, their income must be below R125 00 per annum.
Responding to some of the questions that were posed by members during one meeting with beneficiaries, Tabile indicated that all that the department will be doing is according to the policy. “We cannot deviate from the policy. We are managed by policy and follow every prescript entailed in it. What we are doing in the North West is the same as what has been done in all the provinces in relation to this project,” emphasised Tabile.
For Tshose and many other beneficiaries, the humble gesture by the government, clearly shows that the government is truly taking care of its veterans and care for their wellbeing. Many welcomed the move and said that they are waiting with anticipation to move into their houses. The department further called on Municipalities to avail land where such houses will be built. The request was raised as it sometimes becomes a serious delay in housing delivery.

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